Limits and fees — The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account:

Debit Card Withdrawal Limitations  
ATM/Day $510 per day
One Day POS (debit card purchases) $2,010
Three Day POS (debit card purchases) $2,510
ATM Withdrawal Limitations  
ATM ONLY/Day $510 per day
Replacement ATM/Debit card $15
Check Order printing Fee depends on style of check ordered
Cashier's check $5.00
Money Orders $3.00
Replace Cashier Checks
Minimum of $50.00. An indemnity agreement is also required.
$20.00 per thousand
International Money Orders $5.00
International Money Order Stop Payment $40.00
Return Check fee $25.00
Overdraft maximum charge per day (for each item overdrawing your account subject to above daily limit) $125.00
Overdraft fee $25.00
Redi Reserve annual fee $25.00
Research fee/hour
One hour minimum
Statement Reconciliation/hour
One hour minimum, first time free
Checking Cashing fee (non-customer) 1% ($3 minimum)
Foreign Currency Exchange $15.00
Deposit Item Return fee $3.00
ATM Surcharge fee (non-customer only at our ATM locations) $2.00
Copy fee/page $0.25
Duplicate Statement fee $3.00
Early Account Closing fee (if closed within the first year) $10.00
Garnishment/Levy fee $15.00
Image Item Recreation fee - Free Checking Only $1.00
Incoming Wire fee - Customer  FREE
Incoming Wire fee - Non-Customer  $20.00
International Wire $60.00 
Outgoing Wire Transfer $20.00 
Stop Payment fee
No fee to put stop pay on — if check hits acount then fee will be assessed
Statement Screen Print $1.00 
Dormant Account Fee Monthly $5.00 
3x5 Safe Deposit Box $12.00/year 
5x5 Safe Deposit Box $18.00/year 
3x10 Safe Deposit Box $30.00/year 
5x10 Safe Deposit Box $36.00/year 
10x10 Safe Deposit Box
$2 discount/year if auto debit from account
Escrow Account $1.00/$1,000 $100.00 minimum 
Like Kind Exchange $400.00 
Escrow Monthly Transaction fees See Escrow Department 
Safekeeping - Bulk Storage $75.00/year 
Safekeeping Abstracts $25.00/year 
Signature Guarantee-Medallion $50.00
Coin Scan fee (non-customer) 7% of total
Online Bill Pay Service

Non-usage service fee $4.95 -after 60 days of non-use

Statement Reprint Fee